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Let’s work together to make loans transparent, fair and affordable
We believe that markets should be transparent and fair. The credit market in Germany is neither of these. Because of this, Germans are overcharged billions of euros every year on loans. We want to prevent this, and have been combining our finance know-how with our technnological know-how since 2007 to do so. The results are products like our loan comparison calculator, Germany’s first P2P loan, Germany’s first digital loan, and Germany’s first negative interest loan. With these products we make loans transparent, fair and affordable for our users. This mission is also supported by our distinguished investors such as Vitruvian Partners, Verdane Capital, Runa Capital and Earlybird. With a capital investment of over 159 million USD, smava belongs to the best financed fintechs in Germany.
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Bus and Subway Ticket
Whether you work in our Berlin or in our Hamburg office: we offer a discounted local public transport ticket. You already have a monthly BVG / S-Bahn or HVV ticket? No problem! You can begin to enjoy the rewards of a discounted ticket immediately. More information regarding this will be provided by our People and Talent team on your first working day.
Company Pension Plan
At smava you are not only creating the future of bank loans, you are also creating your own future: we offer you a company pension plan, with which we help you to build up an additional retirement fund. In regularly held German and English language information sessions, we inform our employees about the possibilities. Whether it’s a new contract or a continuation of your existing contractual model, our insurance advisor is always available to answer all of your questions.
Support with moving to Berlin / Germany
Every beginning is difficult – especially when deciding to move to a new country for a new job! For this reason, we are here to help you: we will help you apply for an entrance visa, for the appropriate residency permit, as well at any necessary visits to governmental authorities and in applying for the necessary documents. We will also give you helpful tips for finding an apartment in Berlin. We are here to help you, not only in moving to Berlin / Germany, but also with all issues connected to your time in Germany.
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smavianers tell their stories
Senior Co-operation Manager in Affiliate Marketing
Directly after completing my degree with a major in Marketing, I joined smava as a Junior in the Affiliate Marketing team. Doing so meant leaving my home pastures, the Baltic sea, to move to Berlin. Not only do I really like Berlin, but my duties at smava could hardly be any better. From the very beginning I was involved in both small and large projects, was given responsibility and had direct contact to the partners of the affiliate-partner programs. In a very short time I was given the chance to lead the team and to grow with the new challenges. I am never alone in this: with a great team, and with supervisors who place a lot of value on supporting employees, and who lay out a steep learning curve, I could not imagine the start of my career being any better.
smavianers tell their stories
Team Lead Strategy
I especially appreciate the variation in our tasks – no one day is like any other. It is also simply fun to work in a motivated team and to collaborate with experts from other departments without any complications, while always having an eye on the big picture.
smavianers tell their stories
Credit Advisor
(Moin) Hi, I’m Cihan and have working as a Credit Advisor at smava in Hamburg since 2019. What I like most about my job are the challenging and creative tasks. On the one side, it is necessary to keep the banks and their criteria in mind, on the other to get the customer to visualize the financing concept so that the offer they receive is tailor-made to what they have in mind. In my time at smava, the most important lesson until now has been: Diligence beats talent, if talent is not diligent. I love a challenge, and want to make the impossible possible. I always try to impart this to newcomers in my role as mentor, because supporting one another is a part of being a Credit Advisor! I my free time I like going out with friends, flaming up the grill, or watching Bayern kick some *** on game day.
smavianers tell their stories
Credit Reviewer
I remember very well how I started at smava back in May 2019 – I really did not know what to expect, as I had never before worked in the loan sector. I was really a complete beginner, but soon understood that it was not what you had on your resume, but what you could, and most importantly, wanted to accomplish. In the last year and a half, I have been able to develop myself so much – both professionally as as well as privately – like in no other job before. It is never boring, but when I do need a change of pace from the daily routine, I get myself involved in a new project. Also the mix of the employees makes every day unique – from the different discussions to the team events we have together. I am really looking forward about the coming years at smava, and excited about where this path will take me.

New Berlin Headquarters

Our new office has a very special history, originally being used as Telekom and telephone switch office. The building was opened on November 15th, 1982 as a post office, and after the German re-unification was taken over by Telekom. Under the name 'Postost', the building was used as an atelier house from 2003 to 2016 by up to 50 artists. Since fall 2019, we now welcome our guests and employees in the 'smava Tower'.
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