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Let us introduce ourselves
We believe that markets should be transparent and fair. The credit market in Germany is neither of these. Because of this, Germans are overcharged billions of euros every year on loans. We want to prevent this, and have been combining our finance know-how with our technnological know-how since 2007 to do so. The results are products like our loan comparison calculator, Germany’s first P2P loan, Germany’s first digital loan, and Germany’s first negative interest loan. With these products we make loans transparent, fair and affordable for our users. This mission is also supported by our distinguished investors such as Vitruvian Partners, Verdane Capital, Runa Capital and Earlybird. With a capital investment of over 159 million USD, smava belongs to the best financed fintechs in Germany.
smava is Germany’s first FinTech company, founded in 2007
159 million
smava is one of the best financed fintechs in Germany
+200 billion
Every year, over 200 billion euros worth of loans are taken out - currently, the majority of those in person at the bank. However, the advantages to taking out a loan online are always increasing. And we profit directly from this.
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Experienced management from the financial and technology sectors
The founders and the chief executive are highly experienced and are among the top managers in the technology community.
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Our Management Team
Alexander Artopé
Founder & CEO
As Chief Executive Officer, Artopé is responsible for smavas strategy and coordinates the upper management team (CFO, CIO, CMO, CPO). Additionally, he runs the Engineering, Financial Co-operations and Sales departments. Before founding smava with Eckart Vierkant, he was co-founder and chairman of the enterprise software venture datango, which was sold to SAP.
Our Management Team
Eckart Vierkant
Founder & CIO
As Chief Innovation Officer, Vierkant is responsible for the Innovation Management department.
Our Management Team
Sebastian Bielski
As Chief Financial Officer, Bielski is responsible for the Strategy & Corporate Development, Legal, Risk & Compliance, Office Management, People and Talent, and Finance departments. Previously, Bielski was at Delivery Hero, where his responsibilities included managing investment rounds, M&A transactions and international markets. Prior to this he was in investment banking at Goldman Sachs and other firms.
Our Management Team
Hannes Schrödter
As Chief Product Officer, Schrödter is responsible for the Product Management, Design & Research and Data Science departments. Among other ventures, he was previously the CPO and CTO at Mister Spex. He has also worked as Manager and Advisor for various digital companies, and has experience in founding companies.
Our Management Team
David Vangeison
As Chief Marketing and Growth Officer (CMO), Vangeison is responsible for the Marketing, Growth, Analytics and Automation departments. Previously, he was working for AUTO1.