The meetings will usually be organized by our recruiters and/or the head and team members from the department you have applied to.

We always aim to let you to know in advance whom exactly you will be meeting. It never hurts to take a look at their LinkedIn or Xing profiles.

Please use our online application tool to apply for a position in our company. This tool helps us to be more efficient. Regarding attachments, please use PDF format when you upload your CV, cover letter and certificates. As an internet company we only accept online applications.

Usually we receive a lot of applications for our vacancies and we want to give every applicant the chance to be reviewed properly. That’s why it may take a while to get back to you. However, our goal is to keep our recruiting processes as short as possible.

Everybody in our company is free to wear their favorite items of clothing – as long as they are not inappropriate. Feel free to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. We want to get to know you as a person. However, in order to create a good first impression we would recommend a casual business style.

A complete application consists of your CV, cover letter and most recent certificates. But it is even more important that you give us an idea of who you are. Don’t miss your chance! Use your cover letter to let us know which of your skills and experience match our company and the position you are applying for and why.

Download CV template

Our working languages are English and German. However, certain positions may require skills in other languages. This will be specified in the job advert.

Our dress code is casual. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Nonetheless, in certain positions it might be necessary to dress a little more formally from time to time.

Skype/phone chats can take from 30 minutes to a full hour. You will get to know one of our recruiters, your future managers and/or your future team mates. Some of the discussion will be related to your CV and your motivation for wanting to work here, the rest will be job specific. Please make sure you are in a quiet space and have a good phone or internet connection.

A face-to-face meeting usually takes 90-180 minutes. Your meeting partners will be several team members from the department you have applied to. Here you may also be asked to tell us about your most recent positions, your motivation for working here and your professional experience. But the most important thing is that both you and we get a feeling for whether there is a personal fit.

Making coffee and copying tons of documents was yesterday. In our company you will be a fully valued team member and make a real impact right from the start. You will work together with smart people from all over the world and learn a lot every single day.

A good working environment with colleagues you can trust and who challenge you in a positive way is something we feel proud of at smava. We invest in the happiness and satisfaction of our team of smavians and provide a range of benefits. You can find more info on our job page.

Yes! Our team members come from all around the world, our working language is English and we are always open to welcoming new nationalities. Just show us what skills and experience you have to offer.

Should you need a visa to work in Germany, please be honest with us and we will let you know as soon as possible about your chances of obtaining one. We offer help with relocating new colleagues to Berlin. Do you already have a residency permit? Then please include a copy of the document in your application.

Our HR Department will get in touch with you and get everything set up before your start date. On your first day, together with all the other new starters, you will attend several presentations (e.g. by our management and People Operations department), and learn a lot about the company. Our HR Department will guide you through that day, answer all your questions and have lunch with you. Afterwards you will be onboarded by your department.

If certain training helps you to contribute more, we will always be willing to make that possible. We offer all our employees paid education including training sessions, workshops and conferences.

We offer paid internships in different departments. Just take a look at the positions available. Our internships usually last for 3-6 months.

Within the company we address each other by our first names, and this also applies during job interviews we conduct with applicants. In terms of business contacts, formal standards are usually observed. Your team lead will be able to tell you more.

It depends on the position. If you are invited for an initial chat then your recruiter will explain the selection methods for the position you applied for. It may be that we ask you to solve a practical task to get an idea of your mindset and your practical skills.