Our Vision: We believe that the world in general and markets in particular should be transparent and fair. At smava we create this transparency and fairness by providing consumers with all the information they need in order for them to enjoy the same rights and entitlements as other market participants.

Our Mission: Our mission is to revolutionize the credit market by making it fair and transparent. smava finds the best credit solutions for everyone: fast, convenient and sustainable. We are the third stage of innovation in the finance industry: first ATMs, then online-banking, now digital credit from smava! All of that has been achieved thanks to more than 300 employees. Become a part of the smava-story now!

Company Facts:

2007 – Founding of smava

smava is a grown-up: we are a profitable company, firmly established and yet still very flexible, with around 400 employees from around 40 different nations.

The founders and directors are highly experienced and are counted among the top managers in the technology community.

Dealing with credit volumes of over 170 billion euro per year, the credit market is one of the biggest markets in Germany.

For the most part this is still offline (bank branches), but this is a potential which smava is constantly and successfully digitizing. We are taking the digitization of the retail trade and e-commerce as our model.

Extreme and sustainable growth: smava is growing by 80 percent every year – become part of the smava story NOW!