smava is well-known in Germany! We are constantly increasing customer familiarity with smava by offering the cheapest most straight-forward credit available and through our excellent customer advice. But where do our customers come from? Well, let’s give a big cheer for our Marketing team! One of their main tasks is customer acquisition. Automating data-driven routine tasks and challenging the status quo every single day – that is the mindset you need in the field of marketing. Specialist teams ensure the content is alway spot-on.


The SEO team is responsible for the online visibility (e.g. Google ranking) of our website. At smava, SEO means professional link building, high-quality target group-specific content marketing campaigns and technical SEO optimization at the highest level. Online Editing ensures the perfect wording.

E-Mail Marketing & CRM

Acquiring customers is one thing; keeping them, is something else altogether. Our CRM unit ensures the best possible customer lifecycle for our customers. Our secret? Personalization! Thanks to regular customer surveys and data analyses we know exactly what our customers want. Our CRM team acts swiftly on customer feedback (including through personalized e-mail marketing campaigns).
It is the mixture of analytical and creative tasks that inspires this team. The customer is always center stage.

Affiliate Marketing

Our Affiliate Marketing team supervises Germany’s leading credit partner program. This is Sales meets Marketing.

Media Buying

The Media Buying team creates and manages successful e-mail, voucher, cashback, display or co-sponsoring marketing campaigns in order to acquire new customers. Here you will find true marketing all-rounders at work.

PR & Communications

Our PR team is responsible for both internal and external communication. Responsibility for the production of our TV ads, including the well-known “smavaaaa” cry, also rests in the professional hands of our PR team.
TV stations from n-tv to Galileo have all been to visit, and we even featured on the cover of Bild newspaper. What’s next?

Offline Marketing

Printed, radio and TV advertisements as well as performance measurement are the main responsibilities of our Offline Marketing team. Campaigns are independently developed and supervised from the concept creation to the evaluation. A perfect match between analysis and creativity.

Performance Marketing

Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Facebook and Instagram campaigns – this is the world of the performance marketer. Data focusing, measurability and a desire to achieve continuous optimization are what drive this team.