Let’s get digital. Our technology team is made up of experienced engineers from all around the world. Each one has a wealth of experience, is an expert in his field and knows just what needs to be done. You will encounter highly professional senior Backend Developer (e.g. Java Spring, PostgreSQL, Microservices Docker, AWS) and Frontend Developer (e.g. React, Redux, Webpack etc.).

Our engineers work continuously to improve our credit solutions. The focus is always on developing our credit comparison platform still further. New features are implemented and existing components improved in close collaboration with our project managers.

And on top of all that, the Software Quality Assurance Team is responsible for code quality (manual testing and test automation, Selenium WebDriver/Grid & Jenkins).

The DevOps team, on the other hand, is continuously works on improving and automating our platform as well as integrating new features. (Microservices, Docker, AWS). Meanwhile, our Systems Administrators ensure that our employees have reliable modern systems to work with (Windows and Linux Server, OpenVPN, IPSec VPN, SSL-VPN, Wi-Fi, VLAN, LAN, VMWare ESX).

A brilliant team of scrum masters supports the entire flexible development process (Scrum and Kanban), always taking account of the team’s needs.


Our tech stack